Title : Fashion King
Genre : romance
Director : Lee Myung Woo
Writer : Lee Sun Mi & Kim Ki Ho (Sweet Spy, What Happened in Bali)
Episode : 20
Broadcast network : SBS, every Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Broadcast period : 2012-March-19 to 2012-May 22


Fashion King tells the story of young aspiring designers in Dongdaemun Market as they dream of success, and the relationships, love, and challenges they face along the way.


Kang Young Gul has never had any goals or dreams for a bright future until he meets Lee Ga Young. Together they work towards their dreams.


Character Description

Kang Young Gul, late 20s
The things that exists in somebody else’s life but not mine is hope and future.
I have lived in the bottom of the world and doesn’t want to be burden for other people.When people laugh and say it’s silly for me to have a dream, I meet you and I start to run for my dream.


Lee Ka Young, early 20s
In the lowest moment in life, the only thing I never give up is hope.
I hope someday I will be a successful designer through the blood that my mother inherited to me.
And I meet you and we start run together.


Jung Jae Hyuk, late 20s
I know I’m not short of anything in my life.
That was before I meet you. Now, I start to run to you.


Choi An Na, early 20s
I look perfect, but I always lonely.
Behind that perfect look, there’s lot of scars. I have to run and run to be stronger.
Now I just want to stop running.

Yoo Ah In as Kang Young Geul
Seo Young Joo as young Young Gul
Shin Se Kyung as Lee Ga Young
Kim Sae Ron as young Ga Young
Lee Je Hoon as Jung Jae Hyuk
Kwon Yu Ri as Choi Anna
Jo Boutique
Jang Mi Hee as Madam Jo
Han Yoo Yi as Shin Jung Ah
Cha Seo Won as Miss Go
Go Soo Hee as class leader
Ra Mi Ran  as sewing machine 1
Jang Eun Bi as sewing machine 2
Ra Jae Woong  as Chil Bok
Kim Il Woo as Jung Man Ho
Lee Hye Sook as Yoon Hyang Sook
Yoon Gi Won as Secretary Kim
Kim Byung Ok  as Director Kim
Lee Han Wie as Hwang Tae San
Shin Seung Hwan as Jang Il Gook
Ki Eun Se  as Soo Ji
Yoo Chae Young as Bong Sook
Lee Yoo Joon

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episode date AGB TNS
1 2012/3/19 10.0 12.4
2 2012/3/20 8.9 11.5
3 2012/3/26 9.2 12.3
4 2012/3/27 9.6 11.6
5 2012/4/2 10.1 12.6
6 2012/4/3 10.4 12.7
7 2012/4/9 9.0 11.9
8 2012/4/10 9.7 10.7
9 2012/4/16 10.6 12.5
10 2012/4/17 9.6 11.1
episode date AGB TNS
11 2012/4/23 9.8 11.3
12 2012/4/24 9.4 11.6
13 2012/4/30 9.4 10.8
14 2012/5/1 9.9 10.9
15 2012/5/7 9.2 10.7
16 2012/5/8 9.2 10.9
17 2012/5/14 9.5 11.0
18 2012/5/15 9.5 11.4
19 2012/5/21 9.5 11.2
20end 2012/5/22 9.6 10.8
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