fantasy tower korean drama
Title: Fantasy Tower

Genre: fantasy
Episodes: 8
Director: Kim Ki Ho
Screenwriter: Kim Ki Ho
Broadcast network: tvN, every Wednesday 23:00
Broadcast period: 2013 July 17

8 different fantasy dramas

1st episode.
Title : Respect for human rights

Minchul, who is a cruel serial killer of 17 victims, is arrested and the trial takes place. Peoples are very angry to him as he does not show any sorry for his brutal crimes.

But, court sentences him life-imprisonment instead of death penalty for the reason of respecting human rights. Court mentioned that even for the brutal murder’s , human right must be respected as well.

Then, he is put in the jail that is operated by test-case.
The new style jail had declared that the right and welfare of prisoner are the priority of the jail.

Minchul shocked for jail’s luxuriousness such as a hotel.


Kang Sungjin (Plays Minchul)

Brutal serial killer who killed 17 persons
Psychopath with no blood and no tears.

Harin (Plays Misun)

Poor lady who is put in jail after killled her abused husband. Poor and kind woman.

Nam Sungjin (Plays prison officer)

He is an officer in jail.
Though he is kind and, he hides many secrets.


2nd episode.
Title : Time bank

Sangjin complaints that he has not enough time for important moment.
He works in the bank and one day he has to finish a job according to the manager’s direction. But, he faces hard time because he arrives late. Then finds time-bank, a bank that can store time. He can store time to the bank and he can withdraw his stored-time when necessary.
Now, he does not need to hurry for something and he never late again.

One day, his lover, Eunsun happens to face death, He tries to recover her life through time-bank with all of his efforts.


Jo Dalhwan (Plays Kim Sangjin)

He is kind and warm man. He is always late for work and nagged by manager. He always says “5 more minutes….”

Sahee (Plays Lee Eunsun)

Sangjin’s girlfriend. Charming girl who always cheers Sangjin.



Jo Dal Hwan
Kang Sung Jin
Nam Sung Jin
Sa Hee

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