Title: Famous Princesses / The Infamous Chill Sisters / Somunnan Chilgongju
Screenwriter: Moon Young Nam
Director: Bae Kyung Soo
Genre: Family/Romance/Comady
Episodes: 80
Broadcast network: KBS2, Saturday & Sunday 19:55
Broadcast period: 2006-Apr-01 to 2006-Dec-31

“Famous Princesses” (English title: “The Infamous Chill Sisters” ) is a Korean drama/comedy about the Na family which depicts various problems and situations that today’s modern families face, which elicits both laughter and tears from its viewers. The story line is centered around the four daughters of Na Yangal-a retired military officer who now works as a security guard of an apartment complex-and his wife-Kyung Myung Ja. The story of their oldest daughter, Deok-chil, revolves around the divorce she has from her unloving husband, Soohan after he catches her having an affair with her husband’s best friend. She then re-marries her male business partner, but most deal with the problems that re-married couples often face. The upbeat and confident second daughter, Seol-chil-who is the pride and joy of the family and plays the role of the son her father never had-is a captain in the Korean army. She is in love with one of her fellow army soliders, Hanam, whom she initially resisted but must deal with the fact her father has arranged her to be married to a Korean Navy officer. Seol-chil’s fraternal twin, Mi-chil,is an attractive woman but is also the family’s troublemaker. She is in love with Seochill’s best friend, Ilhan, but she discovers Seochill was once in love with him also which causes her to be jealous and resentful towards her. Finally, the youngest daughter, Teng-chil, becomes pregnant and marries her boyfriend, Taeja at a young age. However she then faces numerous conflicts with Taeja-who has trouble staying faithful to her-and her strict and demanding mother-in-law.

Na family
Park In Hwan as Na Yang Pal (father, 60)
Kim Hae Sook as Kyung Myung Ja (mother, 54)
Kim Hye Sun as Na Deok Chil (daughter, housewife, 35)
Lee Tae Ran as Na Seol Chil (older twin, army captain, 28)
Choi Jung Won as Na Mi Chil (younger twin, 28)
Shin Ji Soo as Na Jong Chil (daughter, 20)
Na Moon Hee as Nam Dal Goo (Myung Ja’s mother, 72)

Other people
Park Hae Jin as Yeon Ha Nam (army sergeant, Seol Chil’s aide, 24)
Lee Mi Young as Ha Nam’s mother
Ko Joo Won as Yoo Il Han (Seol Chil’s long time friend, 28)
No Joo Hyun as Gong Soo Pyo (Il Han’s uncle)
Lee Seung Ki as Hwang Tae Ja (college student, Jong Chil’s tutor, 21)
Yoon Mi Ra as Ban Chin Soon (Tae Ja’s mother)
Lee Dae Yeon as Goo Soo Han (Deok Chil’s husband, 42)
Ahn Nae Sang as Wang Sun Taek (divorced father of 2 girls, 38)
Kim Hee Jung as Sun Taek’s ex-wife
Kang Yoo Mi as Ahn Kong Joo (remote village nurse)
Lee Hyo Choon

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