Title: Family Photo / Family Portrait
Genre: melodrama, family
Episodes: 2
Producer: Lee Sung Hoon
Director: Bae Tae Sub
Screenwriter: Lee Mi Rim
Broadcast network: SBS, Saturday 23:00 ( 2 episode back to back)
Broadcast period: 2012-Sep-29

A melodrama about a father who wants to protect his daughter and family

Character Description

Han Sang Tae
Age 49 (2001) , age 60 (2012)
He’s a warm-hearted father although he’s strict and quiet.
He grew up as an orphan, that’s why he loves his family so much.
On the year 2001, he was very happy that he found out his lost brother but then some big hardships came to his family.

Han Mi Hwa
Age 18 (2001) , age 29 (2012)
Sang Tae’s daughter.
She has an outgoing personality and a career woman.
Since her father died, she tried to be more happy. She tried to make her sick mother and grandmother happier by forgetting the sad memory of her died father.
Then, suddenly, her died father is still alive

Ahn Nae Sang as Han Sang Tae
Shin Hyun Bin as Han Mi Hwa
Song Chae Hwan as Lee Sook Hee
Jung Jae Soon as Song Geum Sun
Kim Ji Wan as Noh Sung Min
Ahn Suk Hwan as Han Sang Sik
Kim Dong Gyoon as Heo Sul Joong
Moon Ji Eun as Jung Ha Na
Kim Ki Hyun as Park Hae Oh
Seo Young Joo as Han Jin Woo

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