emergency couple korean drama

Title: Emergency Couple / Emergency Man and Woman
Genre: Medical, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 20
Director: Kim Chul Kyu (Summer Scent, Hwang Jin Yi)
ScriptWriter: Choi Yoon Jung (The Empress, Lie To Me)
Broadcast network: tvN, every Friday & Saturday 20:40
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-24 to 2014-March-29

Jin Hee and Chang Min married when they were  in college . But the marriage didn’t last long. They divorced after only a couple of year.
After their divorce, both graduated of medical school and work as intern.
And one day, they meet again when they are working on their internship at the emergency room of a hospital.

Character Description

Oh Jinhee

She was a pure , full of laugh and pacifist woman. But after a miserable marriage and the bitter divorce, she’s a unfliendly single woman now.

She got ill treatment from her former’s husband family, a family of doctors. Her former husband’s attitude also changed after marriage. That miserable marriage ended.

With a feeling to pay back her former husband’s family, she enrolled to medical school.
After 3 times failure, she succeeded to become a medical student.
Now she dreams to become a successful doctor after her internship.
But, in that emergency section of the hospital, her internship place, there’s her former husband. Another ‘hell’ waits her there.

Oh Changmin

Good looking and attractive man.
He had a crush on Oh Jin hee and married her despite a severe rejection from his family.
To manage stable marriage life, he gave up his internship in medical school and earned job as a salesman to make money.

But, unfortunately, his wife turned into a scary witch after marriage. And finally they divorced.

After that, he returned to medical school under his mother’s order. Then, in that emergency section of the hospital, his internship place, there’s his former wife.

Gook Chun Soo

Harsh and cold chief in the Emergency Service Section.

He’s full of principle and lack of flexibility in the workplace.
He was the law and truth in the Emergency Room. His nickname is ‘Intern Killer’ ‘Satan’. He never allows any allowances for his interns.

Shim Jihye

A calm elegant medical professor.

She is a smart capable doctor. Though she looks cold, she has a fragile heart.
She studied together with Gook Chunsoo during medical college and they loved
each other. But, they could not marry.
Long time passed and now they are meeting again in the Emergency Service Station as the team member.

Han Ah Reum

Free soul intern.

She is a luxurious-looking brilliant sexy intern who studied in America.

She makes Emergency Service Section bright while she acts like bomb. (=dangerous people whom other members cannot expect her next action). She is not a typical usual type of doctor. She can show her charms fully. It is her advantage as well as disadvantage.

Kim Minki

2nd-year resident physician.

Assistant of Gook Chunsoo, He helps Gook Chunsoo in many emergency cases, and leads Emergency Service Section very well chief.

Im Yongkyu

Another resident physician.

He shows free soul while he shows pride and sincerity as a doctor. Among the other character’s romance, his character will add energy to the drama in the pressure of the Emergency Room.

Harsh Mother-in-law

From parents to brothers, all persons around her are doctors. It is very natural for
her that her own son becomes a doctor. But, different than her expectation, one
lousy girl appears and takes her precious son. Moreover, the son quits medical
school because of her. Again, his son is named as a divorced-man because of her. I cannot forgive this girl!!!

Main Cast

Choi Jin Hyuk as Oh Chang Min
Song Ji Hyo as Oh Jin Hee
Lee Pil Mo as Gook Chun Soo
Choi Yeo Jin as Shim Ji Hye
Clara as Han Ah Reum
Park Joon Geum as Chang Min’s mother
Kwon Min as Kim Min Ki
Yoon Jong Hoon as Im Yong Kyu

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