DRAMA SPECIAL : ROCK ROCK ROCK (trailer is up!!)

Title: Rock Rock Rock
Genre: Docu-drama, music
Format: Drama Special
Episodes: 4
Director: Lee Won Ik
Screenwriter: Park Kyung Sun , Bang Hyo Geum
Broadcast network: KBS2 , Saturday 23:15
Broadcast date: 2010-Dec-04

A docu-drama about the life of Kim Tae Won, lead guitarist of the legendary rock band Boohwal, or “Resurrection”, as well as the different people who played a part in its history, such as former lead vocalist Lee Seung Chul.

Main Cast
No Min Woo as Kim Tae Won
Hong Ah Reum
Jang Kyung Ah  as Soo Yeon
Lee Jong Hwan  as Lee Seung Chul
Bang Joong Hyun as Kim Jong Seo
Devin  as Shin Dae Chul
Kang Doo as Lee Tae Yoon
No Min Hyuk  as Jimmy Hendrix
Kim Jong Seo
Song Joong Geun
Joo Ho
Lee Duk Hee
Lee Dal Hyung
Lee Won Hee
No Young Hak


Other Pictures

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