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Title: Dr. Frost
Genre: Crime, thriller
Episodes: 10
Director: Sung Yong Il
Screenwriter: Heo Ji Young
Broadcast network: OCN, every Sunday 23:00
Broadcast period:  2014-Nov-23 to 2015-Feb-01


Based on the webcomic series “?? ???? / Dr. Frost” by “??? / Lee Jong Bum” which was first published on 2011-Feb-2 via “cartoon.media.naver.com“.

Baek Nam Bong (Song Chang Ui) is known as Dr. Frost. He became a professor in psychology at early age. He is extremely bright, but he has difficulties sympathizing with others due to an injury to his frontal lobe as a child. During the day, he now works as a counselor at the campus counseling center and at night he works as a bartender. He then begins to work with a teaching assistant, Yoon Sung Ah (Jung Eun Chae) at the counseling center. Yoon Sung Ah is enthusiastic with the clients needing counseling. They work together to solve problems who go there for help.

Main Cast

Song Chang Ui as Dr. Frost (30s, Professor of Psychology at Yong-gang University)
Jung Eun Chae as Yoon Sung Ah (20s, Dr. Frost’s assistant)
Sung Ji Roo as Nam Tae Bong (40s, crime division detective)
Lee Yoon Ji as Song Sun (30s, Professor of Psychology at Yong-gang University)
Choi Jung Woo as Chun Sang Won (50s, Chief of Psychology’s Department at Yong-gang University)

Supporting Cast
Kim Ga Young as Da Rae
Yeo Eui Joo as Young Ho
Song Jong Ho as Moon Seong Hyeon

Guest appearance
Lee Hee Jin as Yoo Anna / Sung Hye (ep1)
Yoon Jong Hoon as Kang Jin Wook (ep2)
Joo Ho Min
Ha Il Kwon
Lee Jong Bum
Suk Woo

Official Site

poster dr.forstposter dr. forst 2poster dr. forst

Notes :

-Song Chang Ui had to bleach his hair 5 times for this drama


Date Episode Nationwide
2014-11-23 1 1.839
2014-11-30 2 1.359
2014-12-07 3 1.583
2014-12-14 4 1.040
2014-12-21 5 0.821
2015-01-04 6 0.781
2015-01-11 7
2015-01-18 8 0.906
2015-01-25 9 1.089
2015-02-01 10


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