Title:  Dong Yi/ Dawn
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 60
Director: Lee Byung Hoon (Yi San, Dae Jang Geum), Kim Sang Hyub
Screenwriter: Kim Yi Young (Yi San, Marrying A Millionaire)
Broadcast network: MBC , Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2010-Mar-22 to 2010-Oct-12


1. The Story of Mrs.Choi, who is the mother of 21st king of Chosun, Youngjo.
She was the harlem lady of Sukjong, who is 19th king of Chosun.
The story of her dramatic life and her son, Youngjo’s process of growing up.
————-Historical background : 1683—1724

2. King Sukjong, who established authority of king concretely after 300 years later than opening country.  During the chaotic era of king Sukjong, two powerful party—Namin and Seoin repeatedly win and lose their power.
For the first time during the Chosun history, the lady who became the highest class from the slave position. Mrs. Choi.

Mrs. Choi, who acted very smartly in the middle of dangerous situation which life and death crossed every day, keep her and her son’s life safely.
With love and discipline, she educated her son like prince and made him finally as a king. Her way of education and moral of king is respected until now.
We can see how important mother’s love and education is important even after 300 years later than her death.

3. We showed the medical art in “Heojun”, business ability in “Sangdo” and introduced Korean food in “Daejangkeum”, fine art in “Isan”.
Now, we are trying to show you “Music world” of Chosun which is divided to 3 parts “A ak” “Hyang ak””Dang ak”.  It must be very splendid and graceful. We are trying to maximize the freshness by adding visual strength to music world.

4. The lowest class of Chosun dynasty “Chunmin”. No one recognized them as a person, They are treated as their exchanging value as a asset. Their hardness of life and their hope. We are trying to recognize contradiction of person’s born hierarchy and extreme variation of 18th century Chosun.
Also, we introduce you the real feature of Gumgae, which is secret chunmin class swordsman organization of Chosun.

Character Desription

dong-yi-cast-1Dongyi/Han Hyo joo

11—49 years old. Born on 1670 (11 th year of King Hyunjong)
Later, Mother of King Youngjo. She was honored as Sukbin which is located third level in Chosun lady’s hierarchy system.

She is very bright, smart and witty. Not only smart but also warm heart, she cannot pass poor person freely. After her father and brother was executed bitterly, she became a orphan. As police officer Mr. Seo Yongki chase her continuously, she hide herself in Jangakwon, which is music academy, with the help of Suli. With her born familiarity and wit, she is chosen as a helper in palace from the slave position. Behind her, there is Cha Chunsoo, who gave her a love in spite of all kind of sacrifice. He is best friend of her brother, Dongju.

Later, surprisingly, she was picked up by Sukjong to sleep with. Then, discord against queen Chang Heebin, then, return of queen Inhyun, giving birth to a prince, Yeonangkun. Love from Sukjong, trouble with queen Inhyun. Education of prince Yeonangkun, whose position was always in danger.

Within the difficulty which lady of harlem would face and her son’s royalty to her, her life faced incredible turning point.

dong-yi-cast-2Sukjong/Ji jinhee

24-60 years old. The 19th king of Chosun dynasty (1661—1720)
His- childhood- time name was Soon.

He was absolute monarch of Chosun. He recovered the authority of king which had dropped before. Though he became a king when just 14 years old, with the powerful leadership and wide knowledge, he succeeded and ruled experienced old his subjects. To recover royalty of king which had dropped through 2 times war, he eliminated Song Siyul who was the biggest scholar in Chosun.
With the powerful leadership and gut, he controlled his subjects and used the power game among his subjects.

Though he was scareful king to his subjects, he is delicate and smart. That means, he was smart and fantastic king to the numerous lady in Halem. He met Dongyi first time during palace festival, then, he was impressed by her warmth and smartness.

dong-yi-cast-4Cha Chunsoo / Bae Subin

20-55 years old
New leader of Hanyang Gumgae, which is secret swordsman organization.

He worked as corpse inspector during the day and acted as a key member of Gumgae, whose purpose was cleaning the governmental disorder during the night. Though he is in low class person, he has academic ability and can use sword very well.

He is trusted very much by Choi Hyowon, who is father of Dongyi. He was a young staff of Gumgae organization and best friend of Dongju, who is brother of Dongyi. When Mr Choi and Dongju were executed, they ask him to take care of Dongyi. Afterwards, he took care of Dongyi for his whole life. After Choi Hyowon died, he rebuilt Gumgae organization and became a new leader. He never forgets the word of baby Dongyi, which is, “When I grow up, I will marry with Chunsoo”. He loves Dongyi with his whole life.

dong-yi-cast-6Queen Inhyun / Park Hasun

16 years old  (1667 – 1701)
First queen of Sukjong, who was 19th king of Chosun dynasty.

She has warm heart , but she was paid no attention by Sukjong. She was expelled out of palace once, then, she came back as a queen again. But she died early. She trusted Dongyi very much and gave many helps to her.

dong-yi-cast-31Heebin Chang / Lee Soyun

24 years old(1659 –1701)
Second queen of Sukjong.

She entered palace with the help of Cho Sasuk. Her first name was Chang Okjung. She received love of Sukjong, but she was expelled by Sukjong’s mother. When her party, Namin, succeeded to get power, she could come back to palace and succeeded to give birth to prince, Kyun. When her son became a successor of king, her position was upgraded to second queen.

When Sukjong’s first queen, Inhyun was expelled, she became first queen. But, afterwards, Sukjong regrets his mistake, he recovered Inhyun’s position, then, made Heebin Chang to second queen again.
From the start to the last, she made rivalry with Dongyi. Finally she died by the penalty of death.

dong-yi-cast-5Seo Yongkee / Chung Jinyoung

30 – 60 years old. Police chief.

He has fair and straight personality and careful.
He valued high the ability of Choi Hyowon who was working as a corpse inspector, which is the lowest job. Mr. Seo has treated Mr. Choi as a normal class person in spite of his low society position.
But, after his father was killed by Gumgae member, he feel betrayal and swear to clean Gumgae.

When Dongyi  became the helper of police, he met her again. At that time, he was high official, then, help her lots of times.

Main Cast
Han Hyo Joo as Dong Yi, later  Lady Choi Sook Bin
Kim Yoo Jung as Dong Yi (child)
Ji Jin Hee as King Sukjong
Bae Soo Bin as Cha Chun Soo
Lee So Yeon as Jang Hee Bin
Park Ha Sun as Queen Inhyeon
Jung Jin Young as Seo Yong Gi
Kim Hye Sun as Court Lady Jang
Choi Ran as (Hee Bin’s mother)
Lee Jung Gil as Oh Tae Suk
Lee Kye In as Oh Tae Poong
Kim Yoo Suk as Jang Hee Jae
Park Jung Soo as Queen Myeongseong (Sukjong’s mother)
Jung Sung Woon as Dong Joo
Choi Soo Han as Ge Dwo Ra
Chun Ho Jin as Choi Hyo Won

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Ratings (credit TNS Media)
Episode 1 2010/3/22–11.4
Episode 2 2010/3/23–11.5

Episode 3 2010/3/29–11.8
Episode 4 2010/3/30–12.3

Episode 5 2010/4/5–15.3
Episode 6 2010/4/6–14.2

Episode 7 2010/4/12–17.2
Episode 8 2010/4/13–17.3

Episode 9 2010/4/19–19.0
Episode 10 2010/4/20–19.7

Episode 11 2010/4/26–
Episode 12 2010/4/27–22.5

Episode 13 2010/5/3–22.9
Episode 14 2010/5/4–20.8

Episode 15 2010/5/10–25.8
Episode 16 2010/5/11–28.5

Episode 17 2010/5/17–25.0
Episode 18 2010/5/18–25.6

Episode 19 2010/5/24–24.1
Episode 20 2010/5/25–23.8

Episode 21 2010/5/31–25.1
Episode 22 2010/6/1–26.6

Episode 23 2010/6/7–28.1
Episode 24 2010/6/8–30.3

Episode 25 2010/6/14–31.0
Episode 26 2010/6/15–33.1

Episode 27 2010/6/21–29.1
Episode 28 2010/6/22–30.1

Episode 29 2010/6/28–31.1
Episode 30 2010/6/29–31.9

Episode 31 2010/7/5–30.8
Episode 32 2010/7/6–31.3

Episode 33 2010/7/12–29.1
Episode 34 2010/7/13–29.7

Episode 35 2010/7/19–27.6
Episode 36 2010/7/20–29.4

Episode 37 2010/7/26–28.8
Episode 38 2010/7/27–30.6
Episode 39 2010/8/2–23.9
Episode 40 2010/8/3–23.1

Episode 41 2010/8/9–23.7
Episode 42 2010/8/10–23.2
Episode 43 2010/8/16–23.3
Episode 44 2010/8/17–24.8
Episode 45 2010/8/23–24.7
Episode 46 2010/8/24–26.8

Episode 47 2010/8/30–30.7
Episode 48 2010/8/31–30.3
Episode 49 2010/9/6–29.5
Episode 50 2010/9/7–28.6
Episode 51 2010/9/13–26.4
Episode 52 2010/9/14–27.0

Episode 53 2010/9/20–23.0
Episode 54 2010/9/21–20.2
Episode 55 2010/9/27–25.7
Episode 56 2010/9/28–23.6
Episode 57 2010/10/4–20.9
Episode 58 2010/10/5–20.3
Episode 59 2010/10/11–24.9
Episode 60 2010/10/12–22.3

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