Title: Dangdolhan Yeoja  / Daring Women
Genre: Drama, romance
Episodes: 105
Director: Lee Dong Hoon
Screenwriter: Park Ye Kyung
Broadcast network: SBS , Monday to Friday 8:40 AM
Broadcast period: 2010-Mar-01 to 2010-Jul-30


Ji Soon Young loses her husband, Wang Se Joon, in a tragic accident. She is left alone to take care of their adopted daughter. She meets and falls in love with Han Kyu Jin, who just happens to be the father-in-law to her former sister-in law, Wang Se Bin. Their lives changes when Soon Young marries Kyu Jin and becomes Se Bin’s mother-in-law. They have to adjust to their new roles in their family and at the same time try to get along with each other.

Main Cast
Wang family
Lee Yoo Ri as Ji Soon Young
Seo Ji Young as Wang Sae Bin
Kang Sung Min as Wang Sae Joon
Kim Ha Kyoon as Wang Man Kil
Kim Chung as Ha Eun Shil
Lee Chan Joo
Han family
Lee Chang Hoon as Han Kyu Jin
Lee Joong Moon as Han Joo Myung
Hong In Young as Han Joo Ran
Kim Soo Mi as Hong Bo Ok
Other people
Son Hwa Ryung as Hwang Mo Ran
Jung Woo as Baek Dong Soo
Lee Jong Nam as Go Min Ja
Kim Ji Wan as Kim Sang Soo
Hwang Dong Joo as Oh Dong Jae
Kim Na Young as No Eun Kyung
Park Yong Gi

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