Title: Cruel City / Heartless City / Undercover
Genre: Crime, Romance, action
Episodes: TBA
Director: Jang Yong Woo, Lee Jung Hyo
Screenwriter: Yoo Sung Yul
Broadcast network: jTBC, every Monday & Tuesday 21:50
Broadcast period: 2013-May-27
Police officer Yoon Soo Min goes undercover , infiltrates to a drug gang , led by Shi Hoo, to capture him

Character Description
Jung Si Hyun Grew up in orphanage, he lived harsh life and dealing with drugs. Because he’s smart and has physical ability, he quickly becomes a mid-bos gangster in a district. While he was plotting to be a bigger boss, he met Kyung Mi, whom grew up in the same orphanage. Now, Kyung Mi works as a police. During a drug raid, Kyung Mi was assasinated. Si Hyun is the suspect murderer and chased by police. Then , he meets Soo Min. He starts to fall in love.
Han Soo Min
Although they’re not real sisterm but Soo Min considered Kyung Mi as her sister. Soo Min becomes police because she admires Kyung Mi. While they investigated drug-cartel, Kyung Mi was killed by someone. She infitrates to the drug-cartel to find Kyung Mi’s killer
Ji Hyung Min
Police chief who is the head of drug-organization investigation team. He lost his fiance, Kyung Mi, just before thier wedding
He can not forgive the killer and put Soo Min to do undercover job.
Min Hong Ki
Hyung Min’s senior as well as director of police. Though he looks warm and kind, actually, he is a man full of ambition
Lee Jin Sook
She runs 7 night clubs and already in the business for more than 20 years
Moon Deok Bae
The member of drug-cartel. He’s the only person who know the truth of Si Hyun’s case. He will easily betray over money. cr8
Kim Hyun Soo
Si Hyun’s right hand man. The only person whom Si Hyun believes.
He is the royal man who can give up his life for Si Hyun
Lee Kyung Mi
While she grew up in orphanage, she relied much on Si Hyun. After they separated because of adoption, she became policewoman.


Jung Kyung Ho as Shi Hoo
Nam Gyu Ri as Yoon Soo Min
Kim Yoo Mi as Jin Sook
Lee Jae Yoon as Ji Hyung Min
Choi Moo Sung as Moon Deok Bae
Go Na Eun as Lee Kyung Mi
Son Chang Min as Min Gook Jang
Yoon Hyun Min as Kim Hyun Soo
Kim Hyo Sun as Killer Eun Soo


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