Title: Crazy Love / Madly Love
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 100+
Director: Lee Chang Han
Screenwriter: Jang Soo Won, Jun Bo Kyung
Broadcast network: tvN, every Monday to Thursday 09:45
Broadcast period: 2013-April-08

This drama tells the story of a woman who meets the love of her life at the most desperate time.

Character Description

Yoon Miso

Minjae’s wife and Haeram’s mother. Daughter-in-law of CK group. She was raised in the orphanage with name ‘Eunjoo’. When she was adopted by Moondo, her name was changed to Miso (=In Korean, this vocabulary means smile). And, she dreams happy life according to her name ‘Smile’

Seo Kyungsoo

Haeryung’s husband. Attorney in one big law-firm. Since he was born in farmer’s family, he makes his family proud with his smartness.

Lee Minjae

Miso’s husband and director of CK group. He was raised with love by his wealthy mother. He’s warm and rational man but sometimes hot tempered.

Han Nayoung

Former Miso’s friend and rival in the orphanage. They grew up together, although they’re close friend, she’s jealous to Miso.

Baek Jae Hyuk

Chairman Oh Taesan’s fix man
A cold man, he talks less and always serious.

Oh Haeryung

Daughter of Oh Taesan and Ko Yujung. Kyungsoo’s wife.
She’s kind and grows up to be a promising ballerina

Park Sun Young as Yoon Mi So / Eun Joo
Go Se Won as Seo Kyung Soo
Heo Tae Hee as Lee Min Jae
Kim Yeon Joo as Han Na young
Yoo Hye Ri as Heo Myung Ja
Choi Dae Hoon as Baek Jae Hyuk
Kim Hae In as Oh Hae Ryung
Lee Hee Do as Oh Tae San
Kim Young Ran as Go Yoo Jung
Maeng Sang Hoon as Yoon Moon Do
Kang Seo Joon as Yoon Chan Ki
Jang Yoon Seo as Kim Jong Hee
Lee Chae Mi as Mi So’s daughter
Min Joon Hyun

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