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Title: Come, Jang Bo Ri / Jang Bo Ri is Here!
Genre: Family
Episodes: 50
Director: Baek Ho Min
Screenwriter: Kim Soon Ok
Broadcast network: MBC, every Saturday & Sunday 20:55
Broadcast period: 2014-Apr-05

Jang Bo Ri grew up in a poor family and suddenly discovered that she’s from a wealthy family.
And exchanges place with Yun Min Jung.

Character Description

Jang Bori

Cheerful, enjoyable and pleasant girl. She wants to make warm-hearted clothes rather than beautiful clothes.

Actually, she is an heir of top Hanbok-making-family. With some accident, she lost memory and adopted by some other family.

After she meets real parents, her status changes , from adopted step daughter of a poor family into sole-daughter of prestigious-family.

With inborn talent and passion, she became the master craftswoman on Hanbok.

Do Hyeok

Step-mother of Bori. Biological mother of Minjung. Because she hit some girl by car with accident, she had to adopt that girl who had amnesia.


Biological mother of Bori. Step mother of Minjung. When she lost her biological daughter, she adopted another girl.

Inwha is a 2nd daughter-in-law of Soomi (=National human asset on Hanbok).
She wishes to inherit mother-in-law’s position (=The status as an national human asset) instead of 1st daughter-in-law of Soomi, Oksoo. So, Inwha and Oksoo are rivals.

Yun Minjung

Biological daughter of Do Hyeok. Adopted-step-daughter of Inwha.
She has good talent about fashion. As her real family (=Do Hyeok) was poor, she introduced herself to Inwha to become her adopted daughter. As Inwha feels pity for talented orphan, Inwha adopted Minjung and sponsors many things.

When, Bori returns to real mother (= Inwha), Minjung’s dream faces danger. Because of Bori, MInjung’s future success and love get threatened. So, Minjung and Bori are in conflict continuously.

Lee Jaewha

He met Bori for the first time while he was flirting Bori’s friend. So, they met with not-good impression.
Later, he meets Bori again as a granddaughter of Soomi (=National human asset), then, he hired by Soomi as an etiquette tutor of Bori. Then Jaewha and Bori’s relationship develops to lover. After he falls in love with Bori, he starts to feel interest in Hanbok. Then, he starts to learn Hanbok and becomes a color specialist.

Lee Jaehee

He is a younger step-brother of Jaewha. His mother was a hidden mistress of Donghoo. He’s been living in Donghoo’s house from 8 years old. His elder brother, Jaewha was a good boy. Jaewha always yields his own things to step-brother, Jaehee.

As he feels uncomfortable about his biological mother’s low blood, he is sensitive for social position.
He is greedy for wealth and fame.

Later, he is in conflict against Jaewha because of Bori. To earn status as a successor of father’s group, he married to Minjung in spite of mother’s objection.


Father of Jaewha and Jaehee. Big group owner, He respects Soomi very much.


1st daughter-in-law of Soomi. Soomi considers Oksu as her successor. Though she hates Inwha (=2nd daughter-in-law of Soomi), she is generous to Bori.


She is a national human cultural asset. She is a grandmother and head of Hanbok-making-family. Relating with Hanbok’s making, she cannot accept even small mistakes.

When Bori came to family at 1st time, she does not like Bori’s low-level-family habits. So, she hires Jaewha as Bori’s etiquettes tutor. Later, she becomes a good sponsor for Bori.

Oh Yeon Seo as Jang Bo Ri
Yoo Eun Mi as young Bo Ri
Kim Ji Hoon as Lee Jae Hwa
Jung Yoon Suk as young Jae Hwa
Lee Yoo Ri as Yun Min Jung
Shin Soo Yun as young Min Jung
Oh Chang Suk as Lee Jae Hee
Jo Hyun Do as young Jae Hee

Bi Sool Chae

Kim Yong Rim as Kim Soo Mi
Kim Hye Ok as In Hwa (Soo Mi’s second daughter-in-law)
Yang Mi Kyung as Ok Soo (Soo Mi’s first daughter-in-law)
Ahn Nae Sang as Soo Bong (Soo Mi’s second son)
Jung Won Joong as Hee Bong (Soo Mi’s first son)
Jun In Taek as Park Jong Ha

Jae Hwa & Jae Hee’s family

Han Jin Hee as Lee Dong Hoo (Jae Hwa, Jae Hee, and Ga Eul’s father)
Geum Bo Ra as Hwa Yun (Dong Hoo’s wife)
Woo Hee Jin as Jung Ran (Dong Hoo’s younger sister)
Han Seung Yeon as Lee Ga Eul (Dong Ho’s daughter)


Hwang Young Hee as Do Ssi / Do Hye Ok (Min Jung’s biological mother)
Park Gun Il as Kang Yoo Chun (Nae Chun’s younger brother)
Choi Dae Chul as Kang Nae Chun (Yoo Chun’s older brother)
Sung Hyuk as Moon Ji Sang (Min Jung’s first love)
Lee Chae Mi as Jang Bi Dan (5, Bo Ri’s daughter)

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