Episode :
Broadcast : MBC
Aired : May 19, 2008

Hwang Chun Ja and Yun Bun Hong are mother and daughter who like friens who help each other facing their lives.
Bun Hong become an unwed mother after being betrayed by a man she loves who is the son of an island rich man.
Then, she was mistakenly to be the girlfriend of Lee Joo Young, her co-worker by his brother Joo Hyuk.
She was then brought into the wealthy family by mistaken Joo Hyuk as the wife of his late brother and she was unable to tell the truth because of her situation.

Cast :
Seo Ji Hye as Yun Bun Hong
Goo Do Shim as Hwang Chun Ja
Jung Hye Sun as Cha Bok Shim
Im Hyun Sik as Park Tae Sam
Yoon Yeo Jung as Park Tae Sam’s wife Yang Bun Hee
Han Da Min as Tae Sam’s daughter Park Jung Yun
Kim Ki Bum as Park Jung Woo
Wang Bit Na as Lee Joo Ri
Joo Sang Wook as Lee Joo Hyuk

Yang Hyun Tae as Lee Joo Young

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