Title: Cheongdamdong Alice / Alice in Cheongdamdong
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Director: Jo Soo Won
Screenwriter: Kim Jin Hee, Kim Ji Woon, Kim Young Hyun (Queen Seon Duk, Dae Jang Geum)
Broadcast network: SBS, every Saturday & Sunday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2012-Dec-1 to 2013-Jan-27

Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young) is a talented young designer who lives each day with the motto “Strive for your dream to succeed”. Until she met Cha Seung Jo (Park Shi Hoo) a president of a luxury brand shop in Cheongdam-dong who will change her life.

Character Description

Cha Seung Joo
He’s the hottest man in Gangnam. The youngest chairman of Artemis.
He’s called with his French name ‘Jean Thierry Sha’
He’s the son of ‘Royal Group’ but he cut off his relationship with the family 6 years ago. He doesn’t want to use his family name ‘ Cha’ , so he wants his name to be pronounced in French

Now he wants revenge. His targets are his father ‘ Chairman Cha Il Nam’ and President of GN Clothing ‘Seo Yun Joo’.
Though he accomplished his revenge, he’s still not happy. Instead he feels loneliness.
When he was young, there’re no women loved him because he’s poor.
Now, as he’s rich, he thinks that no woman would loves him sincerely.
He hates women who depend on men’s wealth.

But, inside his heart, he wants real love.
Then he meets Han Se Kyung. He wonders how this kind of woman exists in the world. Such a honest, pure lady.

Han Se Kyung
After struggled  to find job, finally she made it.
But it’s not a regular fashion designer, only temporary worker. Moreover, it’s like a maid for boss’ wife, Yoon Joo. She’s shocking, angry but, she can’t quit.
She thinks that if she does her work faithfully, one day she would be a fashion designer , pay her loan and buy a house.

But, tagged along with Yoon Joo, she starts to know luxury life.
She’s amazed on how easily Yoon Joo bought a designer bag which she couldn’t buy unless she saves her money for 10 years.
She starts to envy Yoon Joo’s life.

Moreover, Yoon Joo was her former school friend who usually far behind her during school days.

She starts to think to leave her poor boyfriend and wonders how her own parents who worked very hard but always squashed by debts.
She feels horrible reality in life and searching for a prince who could rescue her from reality

Seo Yoon Joo
Beautiful and elegant, typical Cheongdamdong’s lady.
But, behind that beautiful face, there was long suffering past.

During her school days, her family went bankrupt. She envied Se Kyung so much back then.

Driven by poverty, she run to Paris, met Seung Joo. Although Seung Joo’s family didn’t like her, she had a firm decision that she would not give up Seung Joo.
But, then Seung Joo left his family first.
As Seung Joo had no money, she left him although she loved him.

Then she successfully becomes the wife of GN Clothing’s boss, the number 1 clothing company in Korea.

Tammy Hong
Famous fashion designer in Cheongdamdong and owns a fashion store there.

In the basement of his store, he run a private club for the riches.
He’s also the hottest matchmaker in Cheongdamdong.
Then, he gets a request as the matchmaker for the daughter of GN Clothing’s owner. And Han Se Kyung is his obstacle.


Moon Geun Young as Han Se Kyung (27)
Park Shi Hoo as Cha Seung Jo/ Jean Thierry Cha (33)
So Yi Hyun as Seo Yoon Joo (27)
Kim Ji Suk as Tommy Hong (35)

Extended Cast
Kim Yoo Ri as Shin In Hwa (29)

People around Se Kyung
Nam Goong Min as So In Chan (30, Se Kyung’s ex-boyfriend)
Jung In Ki as Han Deuk Gi (50, Se Kyung’s father)
Lee Jong Nam as Jung Yoon Hee (50, Se Kyung’s mother)
Shin Hye Jung as Han Se Jin (23, Se Kyung’s younger sister)
Shin So Yool as Choi Ah Jung (27)

People around Seung Jo
Han Jin Hee as Cha Il Nam (60)
Park Kwang Hyun as Heo Dong Wook (33)
Choi Sung Joon as Secretary Moon (40)
Jung Myung Joon as Artemis’s executive officer

People around Yoon Joo
Kim Seung Soo as Shin Min Hyuk (40)
Goo Won as Seo Ho Min (26)
Yoon So Jung as Mrs. Jung (60)
Park Young Ji as Chairman Shin

Song Sun Mi as Artemis’s costumer
Jun No Min as Jang Myung Ho (Tommy Hong’s party guest)
Park Kwang Soo (as Tommy Hong’s party guest
Lee Jong Park as Tommy Hong’s party guest
Park Sang Yun as Tommy Hong’s party guest
Ida Daussy as Tommy Hong’s party guest
Edward Kwon as Tommy Hong’s party guest

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