Title: Cheo Yong (Season 1 )
Also known as: Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong / Detective Cheo Yong Who Sees Ghosts
Genre: Horror, mystery, crime, thriller, action
Episodes: 10
Director: Kang Chul Woo
Screenwriter: Hong Seung Hyun
Broadcast network: OCN, every Sunday 23:00
Broadcast period: 2014-Feb-09 to 2014-Apr-06

Yoon Cheo Yong is a detective who can see and hear ghosts from the day he was born. He solves mysteries and cases along with tough female detective Ha Sun Woo and a high school student ghost Han Na Young. –HanCinema


Main Cast
Oh Ji Ho as Yoon Cheo Yong (mid 30s)
Oh Ji Eun as Ha Sun Woo (mid 20s)
Jun Hyo Sung as Han Na Young (18)

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency
Yoo Seung Mok as Byun Gook Jin (mid 40s)
Yun Je Wook as Lee Jong Hyun (late 20s)
Yoo Min Kyu as Park Min Jae (early 20s)

Baek Sung Hyun as Jang Dae Suk
Choi Duk Moon as Yang Soo Hyuk

Kang Ki Hwa as Min Joo Yun (ep 1)
Kim Young Jae as doctor (ep 1)
Jun Ji Ahn as Kim Hye Sun (ep 2)
Oh Hee Joon as ghost hunter cameraman (ep 3)
Moon Se Yoon as ghost hunter VJ (ep 3)
Jung So Young as Choi Yeon Seo / Kang Mi Soo (ep 3)
Kwon Min as Song Byung Chang (ep 3)
Jang Eun Ah as Oh Hyun Jin (ep 3)
Jo Jae Wan as Kim Jae Kwang (ep 3)
Woo Jin Hee as Kang Je Yi (ep 4)
Jo Duk Hyun as vice principal (ep 4)
Jun Chang Gul as fisherman (ep 6)
Lee Sang In as Lee Dong Mi (ep 6)
Kang Sung Pil as ghost (ep 6)
Kang Sung Min as Choi Yong Joon (ep 6)

Lee Jae Hee as young Yong Joon
Kim Hee Ryung as Ahn Gil Ja (Yong Joon’s mother) (ep 6)
Yum Hye Ah as Jang Hye Ji (ep 7)
Jo Yong Jin as Lee Byung Hoon (ep 7)
Yang Eun Yong as Park Myung Hee (ep 7)
Kang Suk Jung as Kim Dong Chul (ep 7)
Seo Ho Chul as Park Yoo Suk (ep 7)
Heo Jung Kyu as Uhm Jin Won (ep 7)
Park Woo Chun as Jo Byung Woo (ep 8)
Min Suk as Han Tae (ep 10)
Park Jung Hak as Moon Doo Hyun (ep 10)

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Date Episode Average rating (%)
2014-02-09 1-2 3.10
2014-02-16 3 1.80
2014-02-23 4 1.90
2014-03-02 5 1.60
2014-03-09 6 2.00
2014-03-16 7 2.20
2014-03-23 8 1.80
2014-03-30 9 1.70
2014-04-06 10


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