Title: Cheer Up, Mr. Kim
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 100+
Chief Producer: Moon Bo Hyun
Director: Hong Suk Goo, Kim Jong Yun
Screenwriter: Jo Jung Joo
Broadcast network: KBS1, every Monday to Friday 20:25
Broadcast period: 2012-Nov-05


A poor bachelor raises four children and works all sorts of jobs to support his adopted family.

Character Description

Kim Tae Pyung
An expert of apartment cleaning.
He’s full of patience, perseverance, kind hearted. He’s poor and was raised by his grandfather.
He’s the guardian of 4 children from different family and takes care of teem as they’re in the same situation with his past.
One of the 4 children is here, daughter of his dead brother.
One day, he meets Wookyung, a daughter of rich man, and he starts to know love.

Lee Wookyung
Daughter of ‘Healing Food’ chairman (Lee Sang Kook)

She’s an enthusiastic sport teacher in ‘Daesung Junior High School who teaches many trouble maker students.
Her mother died when she’s 7. Her beloved brother has a lower body paralyzed.

One day, she met a house-helper , Taepyung. She starts to know love that begins from a friendship, then she starts to object her father’s will for the first time in her life

Chun Ji Young

Wookyung’s teacher colleague. Chun Kyung sool’s daughter
She married in young age but later divorced because of her infertility.
She helps Taepyung by introduced him as a helper in Wookyung’s house.

Baek Gun Wook

Son of ‘Healing Food’ Chairman, Baek Jae Sang
Wookyung is the only person he truss and believe as a bride candidate.
But one day Taepyung appeared in front of Wookyung and his plan is in danger.

Kim Hee Rae

Taepyung’s niece. 15 years old
She don’t care who’s her real mother. She respect and love her uncle, taepyung.
But she starts to upset when Taepyung brings 3 children into the house.

Lee Chul Ryong

19 years old. North Korean refugee
While he looked for his real brother, he met Taepyung and became Taepyung’s family.
He’s very thankful for Taepyung who helps him to adapt South Korean culture.
Taepyung also helps him to find his brother.
He repays it by paying home expenses and helping Taepyung during cleaning job.

Go Joo Sung

15 years old.
After his parents divorced, his father went bankrupt and run away from debtor.
To hide from the debtor who looking for him in his school, Joo Sung hid at Taepyung’s house according to advice form his teacher, Wookyng.

Song Ah

10 years old
She’s a lovely girl who lives at Taepyung’s house.
She helps controlling the usage of gas, water and lighting at Taepyung’s house.
Eventhough she looks happy, but she often quietly going out of house in the night when everybody sleeps , to wait for his parents who never comes.


Kim Dong Wan as Kim Tae Pyung
Wang Ji Hye as Lee Woo Kyung
Choi Jung Yoon as Chun Ji Young
Yang Jin Woo as Baek Gun Wook

Tae Pyung’s family

Suh Ji Hee as Kim Hee Rae
Yun Joon Suk as Ri Chul Ryong
Oh Jae Moo as Go Joo Sung
Noh Jung Ui as Song Ah

Woo Kyung’s family

Choi Il Hwa as Lee Sang Gook
Sa Mi Ja as Oh Ssang Sim
Jung Jae Soon as Oh Ssang Ji
Kang Sung Min as Ho Kyung

Ji Young’s family

Baek Il Sub as Chun Kyung Sool
Lee Doo Il as Chun Myung Kwan
Jin Kyung as Jo Jae Nam
Kim Soo Yun as Chun Joo Hee

Gun Wook’s family

Kim Hye Sun as Hong Hae Sook
Lee Jung Gil as Baek Jae Sang


Song Seo Yun as Joo Yun Ji
Kim Duk Hyun as Kim Boo Jang

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