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Title: Case Number 113
Genre: Family, Mystery, Crime
Episodes: 2
Director: Park Yong Sun
Screenwriter: Ryu Sung Hee
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-May-30 (back-to-back episode)

The drama’s based on a novel with same title by Ryu Sung Hee.
Based on Ryu Sung Hee’s novel about a murder case that leads to the quarrel and forgiveness of a family and highlights on the relationship between parents and their children.

Kang Kyung Hee, a famous chief surgeon, shocked when found that her husband died in a car accident with his mistress.

Because of it, she spoiled her only daughter, which made her daughter involved in drugs and free-sex.
Then, she kills someone and cover-ups her daughter’s involvement in that murder.

The drama tells how prosecutors and detectives find the truth behind this murder.

Ki Tae Young as Jang Joon Suk
Kim Min Seo as Seung Joo
Han Yoo Yi and Eun Hye Ri
Choi Philip as Lee Gyu Ra
Yun Je Wook as Ki Joon
Kim Mi Sook as Kang Hee Kyung

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