Title: Can Love Become Money / For the Emperor
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Director: Han Cheol Soo
Screenwriter: Do Hyeon Jeong
Broadcast network: MBN, every Saturday & Sunday 23:00
Broadcast date: 2012-March-03 – 2012-May-6 

A romantic drama about what happens when young and successful CEO Ma In Tak offers to pass on a 10 billion won inheritance to his future wife.

Character Description

Ma In Tak
Money can buy everything.
A tyrant. A man who knows only money and has no politeness.

Yoon Da Ran
I will marry to millionaire !
Cute, brilliant girl. Always in positive thinking but extravagant.

Hong Mi Mi
Who can be my rival ?
Ma In Tak’s cousin.
A former top celebrity.

Kim Sun Woo
Ma In Tak, do you think you’re the best ?
A mysterious handsome man who had a lot of secret

Ha Min Joo
J Hotel chief secretary. Ma In Tak can not touch her carelessly because she’s smart.
She wants to escape her boring life, that’s why she joins 80 billion project.

Bang Kuk Bong
Section chief of J Hotel marketing division.
He’s very naive and although he’s in the same age with Ma In Tak, he looks 10 years older.


Yeon Jung Hoon as Ma In Tak
Uhm Ji Won as Yoon Da Ran
Jo Woo Ri as teen Da Ran
Wang Bit Na as Hong Mi Mi
Jo Yeon Woo as Kim Sun Woo


Extended Cast
Hwang Bo as Kwak Sung Ran
Shim Eun Jin as Ha Min Joo
Kim Hyung Bum as Bang Kook Bong
Kim Chung as Lady Jung
Wi Ji Woong
Da Won
Min Woo Ki
Lee Hwan
Heo Nam Sung

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