Director : Kim Min Sik, Kim Sang Hyeop, Kim Do Hyeong
Writer :
Seo Eun Jeong, Kim Mi Jin, Kim Su Jin
Episode: 12
Broadcast : MBC
Aired : 2008-Jan-06 to 2008-March-30

A medical drama centered around plastic surgery with a target viewer audience consisting of females in their twenties and thirties. Perhaps this drama can also be described as a social satire commenting on the current boom in plastic surgery in Korea.

What kind of stories do people who seek plastic surgery have to tell?

What kind of lives and personal relationships do doctors and nurses at a plastic surgery clinic have?

Although “Before & After” touches upon a popular Korean trend, plastic surgery has never been the main theme in a Korean TV drama before. Delivering comical and touching moments interspersed within stories of people seeking plastic surgery for a variety of reasons, the drama will bring laughter and tears to viewers as they reflect on the growing popularity of plastic surgery among Koreans.

The stories of people who seek a plastic surgery clinic and the kind of love and work that a medical staff faces in their lives are brought together in this situational drama.
Main Cast :
Lee Jin Wook as Han Geon Soo
So Yi Hyun as Hong Ki Nam
Kim Sung Min as Choi Yong Woo
Jung Ae Yun as Yoon Seo Jin
Supporting Cast :
Hong Ji Min as Yang Jung Soon
Choi Yong Min as Ma Soo Bong
Ahn Suk Hwan as Lee Eok Man
Choi Won Joon as Kim Han Joon
Kim Jung Hwa


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