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Title: Nappeun Nyeosukdeul
Genre: Crime, thriller, action
Episodes: 17
Director: Kim Jung Min
Screenwriter: Han Jung Hoon
Broadcast network: OCN, every Saturday 22:00
Broadcast period: 2014-Oct-04 to 2014-Dec-13


Gun Wook (Kim Nam Gil) plots revenge against the Haeshin Group, a large corporation to whom Tae Sung (Kim Jae Wook) is the heir.

Main Cast

Kim Sang Joong as Oh Goo Tak
Ma Dong Suk as Park Woong Chul
Park Hae Jin as Lee Jung Moon
Jo Dong Hyuk as Jung Tae Soo
Kang Ye Won as Yoo Mi Young

Extended Cast
Kang Shin Il as Nam Goo Hyun
Min Ji Ah as Park Sun Jung
Hwang Seung Eon as Yang Yoo Jin
Park Jung Hak as Lee Doo Kwang
Kim Tae Hoon as Oh Jae Won
Ki Se Hyung as Kang Doo Man
Kim Jae Seung as Woo Hyun Woo
Kim Sung Hoon as Lee Suk Jin
Son Se Bin as Hyun Woo’s fiancee
Jun Jin Seo as Kim Young Joon
Nam Sung Jin as Kim Dong Ho
Park Jung Woo as Son Moon Ki
Park Hyo Joon as Yoon Chul Joo
Park Sung Taek as Kim Do Shik
Nam Tae Boo as Korean-Chinese
Jang Sun Ho as Park Jong Suk

Kwon Min as Nam Gun Wook (police officer, Nam Goo Hyun’s son) (ep 1-2)
Kim Byung Choon as serial killer obsessed with blood (ep 2)
Seo Hye Jin as Shin So Jung (ep 3)
Lee Yong Nyeo as Hwang Kyung Soon (ep 4)

Official Site

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Notes :

– Park Haejin was rushed to the emergency room in the early hours of October 4th after filming Bad Guys. The actor was diagnosed lymph node edema due to fatigue and his recent sore throat, as the team continues with all-night filming for the drama. 
– Broadcast rights for Bad Guys was acquired by China’s Youku and the online streaming surpassed 3 million viewersRating


Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-May-26 1 12.0 (7th) 12.4 (8th)
2010-May-27 2 12.8 (8th) 12.9 (9th)
2010-June-2 3 12.2 (12th) 12.5 (11th)
2010-June-9 4 14.2 (7th) 14.3 (7th)
2010-June-10 5 15.1 (6th) 15.5 (7th)
2010-June-30 6 7.2 (<7.8)
2010-July-1 7 8.3 (18th) 8.6 (15th)
2010-July-7 8 7.9 (16th) 8.1 (16th)
2010-July-8 9 8.7 (13th) 9.0 (13th)
2010-July-14 10 8.9 (12th) 9.9 (10th)
2010-July-15 11 8.1 (17th) 8.2 (16th)
2010-July-21 12 8.0 (15th) 8.3 (15th)
2010-July-22 13 8.9 (13th) 9.4 (13th)
2010-July-28 14 10.1 (11th) 10.4 (10th)
2010-July-29 15 (<7.1) (<7.0)
2010-Aug-04 16 8.8 (12th) 8.8 (12th)
2010-Aug-05 17 9.3 (11th)

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