adolescence medley korean drama

Title: Drama Special Series – Medley of Youth / Adolescent Medley
Genre: School, romance, comedy, youth
Episodes: 4
Director: Kim Sung Yoon
Original writing: Webtoon Adolescence Medley by Kwak In Geun
Screenwriter: Kim Bo Yun
Broadcast network: KBS2, every Wednesday 23:10
Broadcast period: 2013-Jul-10 to 2013-Jul-31

A teen drama about high school students in a village high school

Character Description

2-1 2-2
Choi Jungwoo

Simple high school boy, nick name : invisible man
He’s not an open mind student because he often changed his school.
One day he rises into the star of the school, but it doesn’t long.

3-2 3-1
Yang Ahyoung

Top student in school. President of her class.
From teacher to close friend, everybody calls her ‘boss’.

Because she does not show her thought in her face, it is hard to know what she thinks.
As she talks so precisely that weak-hearted student sometimes misunderstands her.

But, she is also kind high school girl.

4-1 4-2
Im Dukwon

Because of his ridiculous and naïve attitude, he’s got bullied. But, he is still cheerful and bright.

As he likes eating-between-meals, he always eats snacks. Also, he is talkative.

Though other students look down on him, he shows brave attitude at decisive moments.
He is a type-of-student who is “gentle in appearance but tough in spirit”

5-2 5-1
Lee Yukho

His nickname is brown-bear. Also, he is called as legendary-fist-in-school among students.
So, he is a terror to other students.

But actually he is a sincere student who does not know anything but boxing.

He is not familiar to show his mind. So, he cannot do anything but watches his favorite girl secretly.

6-1 6-2
Shin Youngbok

He is a member of school bully. He bullies Dukwon very much. It is not because he does not like Dukwon. It just becomes his habit since he bullied Dukwon one time.

But, actually, he is a boy who likes bluffing. So, when he meets a student who really tries to fight him back, he scares

But, he is also a high school boy who is faithful to his friend.

7-1 7-2
Jang Hyunjin

She is also a top-class student in school. She likes to wear mini-skirt. But, as she is always next to Ayoung, she feels jealous to Ahyoung.
Moreover, as Ahyoung becomes famous because of her boy friend, she feels more jealous.

She never let hand-mirror go off from her.
Though she knows Dukwon likes her, she does not think about it at all.

8-1 8-2
Lee Wonil

He is another member of school bullies.
Among school bullies, Youngbok follows Yukho (=boss student among school bullies) as a big brother. But, Wonil thinks that Yukho treats him as a subordinator rather than younger brother. So, sometimes, he talks back to Yukho.

Though he once loved Ayoung, he was kicked out by her at once.
So, he considers Jungwoo as a thorn in his side.

Kwak Dong Yun as Choi Jung Woo
Baek Sung Hyun as adult Choi Jung Woo
Lee Se Young as Yang Ah Young
Kwak Jung Wook as Im Duk Won
Choi Tae Joon as Lee Yuk Ho
Park Jung Min as Shin Young Bok
Bae Noo Ri as Jang Hyun Jin
Yoon Park as Lee Won Il
Jung In Ki as Jung Woo’s father
Kwon Min Ah as high school student
Song Hae (cameo)
Lee Jong Hyun (cameo, ep 3)

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