Title : A Wife’s Credentials
Genre : melodrama
Episode : 16
Director : Ahn Pan Seok
Writer : Jung Sung Joo
Broadcast station : jTBC, every Wednesday & Thursday 20:45
Airing dates : 2012- February-29 to 2012-April-19

The story centers on the life of  an ordinary housewife in Gangnam who’s busy with the education of her daughter, on a one fine day coincidentally meets  a dentist and she falls in love.

Character Desription

Yoon Seo Rae (38)

She graduated from art school and worked as designer in a broadcasting company when she met with her current husband. They married soon after that. Later she found out that her husband is womanizer.

When her sister-in-law’s daughter passed the exam to entrance an international school in Daechi-dong (the richest area in South Korea), she accidentally becomes the resident of Daechi-dong.

She lives the high class life in Daechi-dong and suddenly falls in love with a handsome man.

Kim Tae Oh (40)

He is a dentist and met with his current wife while they both are college student and staying in boarding house near college.

They had healthy love and he considered his wife as his lifetime spouse.

Things start to change after his wife opens an elementary school in Daechi-dong. The crack in their marriage arises. During that time he meets Seo rae and falls in love.

Hong Tae Ran (38)

Kim Tae Oh’s wife. Her nickname is witch and she’s a famous tutor with strong charisma.

At first, she was a tutor for university-admission. Then she thinks that working as the private-teacher for elementary student from high class family will make more money. So, she sets up a private tutor class for elementary student in Daechi-dong.

She gradually changes as she believes that the most important thing in life is power, money and domination.

She knows that her husband starts to sick and tired with her, but she doesn’t care. But on the other hand she feels afraid with herself as he becomes more evil.

Hang Sang Jin (41)

Yoon Seo Rae’s husband. A reporter in a broadcasting company.A typical husband who thinks himself as a very rational person.

His career is rising, he becomes chief of economic news then successfully obtains a program under his name.

He’s envious with her sister’s husband, Jo Hyun tae, a lawyer. He often mentioned that his sister married to a one of top family in Korea.

When he finds out about his wife love affair, he falls in big anger and agony.

Kim Hee Ae as Yoon Seo Rae
Lee Sung Jae as Kim Tae Oh
Lee Tae Ran as Hong Ji Sun
Jang Hyung Sung as Han Sang Jin
Choi Eun Kyung

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Correlation Chart


episode date rating
1 2012/2/29 1.070
2 2012/3/1 1.259
3 2012/3/7 1.420
4 2012/3/8 1.324
5 2012/3/14 1.624
6 2012/3/15 1.612
7 2012/3/21 1.580
8 2012/3/22 2.158
episode date rating
9 2012/3/28 2.011
10 2012/3/29 2.407
11 2012/4/4 3.363
12 2012/4/5 3.139
13 2012/4/11 2.984
14 2012/4/12 2.889 (3.210)
15 2012/4/18 3.084
16end 2012/4/19 4.045
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