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Title: A New Leaf / Repentance
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 18
Director: Park Jae Bum, Oh Hyun Jong
Screenwriter: Choi Hee Ra
Broadcast network: MBC, every Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
Broadcast period: 2014-Apr-30 Synopsis Ace lawyer in the biggest law-firm loses his memory because of an accident. He was very successful before that accident, his winning-ratio in the court is very high. To win in the suit, he does not care method. When he regains his memory, he looks back his life. Then, he starts to fight against law-firm that he was once worked for. Character Description a1 Kim Sukjoo Ace attorney in law-firm. He does not like losers. He does not like clients’ weeps saying that he is a victim. Important thing is winning. Victims are losers. One day, he loses his memory. When he sees how-things-go-on in his law-firm, he feels uneasiness. How I ever lived this kind of life? The only person who helps him in this situation is Intern worker, Jiyoon. She is the only frank person to him. He starts to rely on her, and, starts to live new life. a2 Lee Jiyoon Though she is from 2nd grade law school which is usually hard to get a job in big law-firm, she is righteous and aggressive. She believes that righteous wins in the last. She happens to meet Sukjoo in one friend’s wedding party. Their first meeting was not happy thing. Later, he was hired by Cha Youngwoo, who is a big law-firm president. Youngwoo wants to hide Sukjoo’s staus (=status that he lost memory) from clients. And as a reward to watch and guard Sukjoo, Jiyoon is hired by Youngwoo. Though she does not like Sukjoo from the 1st meeting, she starts to have a feeling slowly. a3 Cha Youngwoo President of law-firm. He receives and wins any case that other law-firm already gave up. “What is law? It can be made. What is righteousness? It can be bought by money” He also has influence in politics. Sukjoo was a capable lawyer under him. When Sukjoo loses memory, he tries to hide it. When Sukjoo wants to be independent from him, he tries to show Sukjoo that Sukjoo is nothing without him. He wants to show peoples that even the ace lawyer is nothing if he left Youngwoo’s umbrella. a44 Yoo Jungsun She is a single daughter of conglomerate as well as Sukjoo’s fience. She starts to understand meaning of love through Sukjoo. Main Cast Kim Myung Min as Kim Suk Joo Park Min Young as Lee Ji Yoon Kim Sang Joong as Cha Young Ho Chae Jung Ahn as Yoo Jung Seon Jin Yi Han as Jun Ji Won People around Kim Suk Joo Choi Il Hwa as Kang Shin Il Oh Jung Se as Park Sang Tae People around Lee Ji Yoon Ahn Sun Young as Lee Ae Sook Lee Min Hyuk as Lee Ji Hyuk Lee Joo Yeon as Lee Mi Ri People around Yoo Jung Sun Jung Han Yong as Kwon Jae Yoon Law Firm workers Lee Han Wie as Team Leader Kang Choi Jung Hwa as Law firm employee Others Kim Suh Hyung as Lee Sun Hee Jung Kyu Soo as Park Ho Jun Go In Bum as Park Ki Chul Lee Jung Hun as Park Dong Hyun Kim Yoon Seo as Jung Hye Ryung Official Site Trailer Poster a new leaf korean drama a new leaf korean drama 2 kim myung min park min young kim sang joong chae jung ahn

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