a faded memory drama

Title : KBS Drama Special : A Faded Memory
Genre : drama
Episode : 1
Director : Lee Jung Sub
Scriptwriter : Chae Seung Dae
Broadcast station : KBS2
Broadcast time : June 12, 2013

A simple man lost his memory for 2 years and one day a parcel is delivered to him. It’s his old wallet. Inside that wallet, there’s a photo of a woman smiles brightly

Character Description

i remember in the old wallet 5
Lee Young Jae

31 years old , the owner of a second-hand book store
He lost his whole memory 2 years ago during an accident.
He’s a simple man run a small store but during his school days, he passed the exam to be a lawyer.
When he was hospitalized because of that accident, nobody visited him, no number was stored in his handphone.
He isolated himself and he built fence in his life against other people.

i remember in the old wallet 4
Chae Soo A

18 years old
High school girl, her mother runs a liquor bar. She has special feeling for Young Jae. She tries to enter Young Jae’s fence. She helps Young Jae to trace the woman in the wallet’s photo

i remember in the old wallet 3
Han Ji Woo

31 years old
A woman who her face is seen in the photo inside Young Jae’s wallet

Ryu Soo Young as Lee Young Jae
Nam Bo Ra as Chae Soo A
Yoo In Young as Han Ji Woo

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