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Title: City of the Sun
Genre: Legal, Melodrama, Mystery
Episodes: 20 (To Be Confirmed)
Directur : Jung Heung Soon, Park Ki Hyung
Screenwriter: Jung Jae Hong, Im Ri Ra
Broadcast network: MBC Dramanet, every Friday & Saturday 20:50
Broadcast period: 2015-Jan-30 to 2015-Apr-04



This drama is based on a Japanese Novel which was then adapted into a Japanese drama in 2010.

The drama is about a young man, Kang Tae Yang (Kim Joon) who works at a construction company and harbors ideals of building people homes to live in, only to find that his company is engaged in corrupt activities.


Main Cast

Kim Joon as Kang Tae Yang
Song Min Jung as Han Ji Soo
Jung Min
Jung Joo Yun
Kim Sung Kyung

Supporting Cast
Im Dae Ho
Jung Han Yong
Yoon Seung Won
Kim Kyung Ryong
Kim Joon Goo
Kim Duk Hyun
Shim Yang Hong
Ahn Sang Tae
Yoon Taek
Seo Ji Yeon
Son Min Suk
Jung Woo
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poster City of the Sun poster City of the Sun 1


Date Episode Nationwide
2015-01-30 1
2015-01-31 2 0.683
2015-02-06 3
2015-02-07 4
2015-02-13 5
2015-02-14 6
2015-02-20 7
2015-02-21 8
2015-02-27 9
2015-02-28 10 0.621
2015-03-06 11
2015-03-07 12
2015-03-13 13 0.494
2015-03-14 14
2015-03-20 15
2015-03-21 16


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